Looking for a Calgary wedding photographer? Here in Calgary there is a big pool of wedding photographers to choose from and it can certainly make your choice a more difficult one when deciding on the one to capture your wedding memories.

So In this quick how to guide you’ll learn some clear deciding factors to choose a quality photographer that will produce timeless photographs that you’ll be happy with and proud to share with your loved ones.

Deciding Factor 1 Appreciative Style

First step is to take a look at the photographer’s portfolio and see examples of their work. From that you’ll be able to see their style and see if it’s the type of style that works for you.

Most photographers in Calgary (at least the quality ones) will have a website where their portfolio is available and ready to browse their wedding portfolio. Go through their entire photo collection and get a real sense of the work that they do.

If you like most of their work online you’ll be more likely to like the work that they produce for you.

Deciding Factor 2 Chemistry

It comes down to personal chemistry. Do you and the photographer connect?

The next step is meeting with the photographer and seeing if you make a personal connection i.e. like the person. Perhaps you have a few photographers in mind (from looking at their work), so it’s best to narrow your selection to a photographer that you’ll be happy to have at your wedding and spend time with.

Deciding Factor 3 Package

This is the delivery of the end product and different photographers offer different packages. It may be easy to be influenced by a photographer that offers a boatload of digital copies, and a inorderly amount if prints for a lower price.

With wedding photos it’s more of about quality then quantity (which brings us back to factor 1). The package matters but only to the extent that it delivers your memories in manageable and satisfying way; would you rather be overwhelmed 2000 images or have 250 high quality, emotion expressing photographs?

Deciding Factor 4 Time Coverage

Here’s the big one in my books; it’s best to have a photographer that provides you with full day coverage. The reason is that some of the best shots come out of those captured moments that are not planned and just happen without posing.

The chatter and activity of the bride and her maids getting ready, The mother having her hair styled the father in his tux coming his nerves with a pre-reception scotch and the wild antics of the children on the dance-floor.

These are the photos that really bring a greater meaning to your wedding day memories.

Deciding Factor 5 Cost

Ah yes, the price; by all means choose a photographer that is within your budget but also think of the importance of the captured memory. Your wedding photos are what you’ll have for the rest of your life to remember and reflect on this momentous occasion.

In this perspective the photography is of high priority at the wedding and should really be given a good margin of budget so that you’ll be happy with the high quality if photography for a long time.

So that’s it, with these guidelines you’ll choose a photographer that matches your style and personality. You’ll have amazing collection wedding photos (memories) to display, share and reflect upon for life.

Talk soon.



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